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Doll Stuffer 1

Doll Stuffer 1


Job Type:

Position is an independent contractor position and employee will be provided a 1099 in which they will be responsible for filing their personal taxes.

Job duties will include:

-Quality Checks of the arms and legs of cloth dolls and animals by turning them right side out and provide a thorough quality check for any holes, flaws or inconsistencies in fabrication.

-Recording and Reporting any quality issues that are found on Quality Control Form provided.

-Use provided poly-fil material to stuff the arms and legs to regulation (training and diagrams provided)

- Record and report quantity of items completed on Completed Work Form.

-Upload Completed Work Form and Quality Control Form daily for payment reconciliation. 

-Return completed work at the end of each work week and receive next assigned batch.

Skills Required:

-Good time management skills.

-Good communication skills

-Must be able to follow instructions consistently